Free Is A Very Good Price

I used to live in Portland and we had the furniture and appliance store owner, Tom Peterson , regaling us with his motto “Free is a very good price.”

Indeed, true, Tom.

Recently I was at a meeting for a community group trying to make Olympia “more better” and we were discussing advertising options for getting our message out. We thought of ways NOT to pay for media, such as using web resources and other options, rather than scooping into our meager treasurer box.

That was an eye-opening moment. One member said essentially, “If we pay to get our message out, we are doing something drastically wrong.”

While there is a giant sucking sound going on in print media, and commercial media outlets struggle for market share, the online media is alive and well and kicking tail.

I’ve had a chance to get to know people and organizations in Olympia who are making their own noise in Olympia and changing how Olympia talks to itself.

With the “free” aspect to the public, comes also the “freeing” of voices that are cutting through the corporate-owned media. New voices are much more strident, extreme, and lively… which might take some people some getting used to in the era post “seven dirty words.”

—end scribble—


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  1. tz

    All I remember of Tom Peterson is his face on the screen as he knocks on the lens of the camera saying, “WAKE UP!”

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