TV or not TV… that is the question.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Olympia doesn’t have it’s own major market television station? We are kind of the step-kid of Seattle mega-media and it can be annoying sometimes.

Ok, YES we have public access and government TV… sigh. You know what I mean. AND occasionally Northwest Cable News deigns to show Olympia happenings.

I grew up in Oregon where more cities had their own voice in the TV market than does Washington. Even Roseburg had TV.Olympia does not have it’s own commercial TV station and with the economic times being what they are, probably won’t have one anytime soon.

Soon, I hear, we will have another public access channel. I am definitely in support of public access TV. I used to participate more actively in the Portland access system. I think also public access TV will have plenty of content to show with the rise in citizen-generated content.

Will changes in media with technology render the need for a local TV station pointless?

What do you think?

— end scribble —


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