Post “The Post”: The End of the Daily Paper

I just had some stark realizations in projecting the end of the paper newspaper.

  • What will I wrap fish in?
  • What will people put in the bottom of birdcages?
  • What will kids use to make paper-mache globes with?
  • What will I wrap around my dishware next time I move?
  • What will puppies go on?

You know those crazed people who hoard stacks of newspapers in their houses? Maybe they were right in thinking “someone will need this someday.”

Someday children will be watching a video of the 50’s and Dear Old Dad reading the paper and ask, “What’s that giant book he’s reading?

When your kid hits a homer in Little League, you will proudly display a computer print out of the article (no more clippings from the paper for the scrapbook). OR you’ll display it on your iPhone wallpaper.

Have we THOUGHT about this? How different things will feel in the Post Newspaper Era?

Fido will only have to worry about bringing the slippers.

…. K


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One response to “Post “The Post”: The End of the Daily Paper

  1. It’s an unfortunate event but one that was bound to happen. I am sure we will be talking about it for a few months then it will be over. A thing of the past. As more people read their news online I would venture to guess that many more will fall by the wayside. It seems that maybe The Olympian may be hurting. I know some layoffs were expected. The unfortunate thing is someday we may have to pay to read our news online.

    South Sound Elder Services

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