The Olympian Increases Rates

In a meandering article talking about a range of topics, George Le Masurier, publisher of The Olympian tucks in a stinger at the end. The Daily Zero will change it’s stand sales rates.

(quote from ) 

Single-copy increase

The price of the daily Olympian purchased in racks and stores will increase to 75 cents effective Monday, and the Sunday paper will go to $1.75 effective April 19.

Our daily price reflects the going rate for newspapers in every region of the United States. In some cities the daily paper now costs $1. Our new Sunday price, however, is slightly under what others are charging.

The new rates will enable us to preserve news content during a difficult economic period.

I look forward to hearing from you.

George Le Masurier, publisher of The Olympian, can be reached at 360-357-0206 or


It’s probably understandable that in the current newspaper climate, a rate change was in the offing. Wouldn’t a rate change for the paper merit front page attention?

What do you think?



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One response to “The Olympian Increases Rates

  1. I voted “I won’t buy it” but that’s only because I never do. I read online only. This just points towards the inevitable downfall of print newspapers, I’m sure The Olympian will probably follow the P-I eventually.

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