Loving Oly

I love Olympia! If it were a man I’d marry it, if it were ice cream I’d eat it, if it were stock options I’d buy it. It’s not so pretty today as it is raining cats and dogs and llamas and sloths and aardvarks today.

What do I love about Olympia?

It has a sense of history. I swear last week, I was walking early in the morning on 4th ave and in the corner of my eye, I saw a man in a grey suit with a handlebar mustache. Then when I turned to look, he wasn’t there! (cue Twilight Zone music) Sometimes, you can get a glimpse of what Oly looked like “back in the day” at certain times or when the light strikes it certain ways. Some of the buildings especially evoke the elder days.

I also like that Oly is still kind of a small town. Makes it accessible. When I lived in Seattle, I could walk around all day and not see anybody I know. Not so, Olympia where I get “hi” from all over.

Olympia has it’s problems. Community decision-making is fraught with controversy. We agonize, we decide, then protest, counter-protest, then sue. This is one area of communitiness that should be marked “needs improvement.”

Otherwise, Oly just plain ROCKS!


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